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Dan is a professional house painter that mostly does residential interior painting. He has been doing house and commercial painting since 2006.

Sometimes house painting contractors use untested painters. But with one experienced house painter you get consistent quality, privacy, security, control and flex timing.

If you need condo painting, townhouse painting, apartment painting or room or office painting then request a quote from this house painter.

Dan does trim painting, door painting, wall painting and ceiling painting.

How to Get a House Painting Quotation

Text or email at any time of day.

Text photos or video links and please list the painted surfaces or Dan can inspect to make a quote.

Painting rates.

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House Exterior Painting

Ladders are used up to 24 feet. Above, a lift is used if it can be driven all around.

Dan on a lift
Tall house painting.

Dan the House Painter

Business Hours ⌚

24 hours/day. Email or text at any time.

Quotes are often done whenever time permitting but often around 6pm.

Painting rates are higher on weekends, holidays and overtime hours.

Painting rates.